Large 6-7ft Specimen Climbing Rose - Rose Blairii No 2 - Courtyard Climber

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A beautiful delicate pink flowering climbing Rose, these pink flowers are cupped and have full large petals that fade to white at the edge appearing from mid-summer and continuing for around a month. This is a vigorous Rose that will reach five metres if allowed to grow freely, it is perfect for the front of a house a fence or large archway.

Position this variety in a good sunny spot to grow away in with a preferable aspect of South or West, it is tolerant of all soil types but a good thick mulch of well-rotted manure each spring will be welcome. Deadhead flowers for the first few weeks to encourage further production and cut out old stems in late winter.

Supplied in approx. 5.5 litre containers at a height of approx.180-200cm.