Large 6-7ft Specimen Climbing Rose - Uetersener Klosterrose

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This is a vigorous strong growing Rose, great for climbing on walls or garden buildings or through the crown of a tree. In summer beautiful cream coloured buds appear and these break out into creamy pale yellow flowers with tightly packed petals. The flowers produce a delicate fragrance and are formed in singles and clusters with a backdrop of mid green glossy leaves. The flowers are large, reaching up to ten centimetres in diameter with a waxy texture typical of Rose flowers to top it off they produce a delicate fragrance. This Rose will reach three metre in height and is perfect for walls , arches or pergolas. It has good disease resistant cultivar which is low maintenance only requiring an annual mulch, removal of dead wood and a decent sunny position.

Supplied in approx. 5.5 litre containers at a height of approx. 170-180cm.