Rubber Plant Tree - Ficus elastica Melany - Circa 100cm Standard

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Ficus elastica Melany is a stunning variety of rubber plant with glossy, deep green foliage with gorgeous hints of burgundy. Not only is this plant a classic addition to a household, but it is also air purifying so helps to filter out airborne toxins in your home. This Ficus grows at a moderate rate and can reach a couple of metres tall indoors, but this can be controlled with pruning if you’d like to keep it smaller.

Keep Ficus elastica Melany somewhere where it will receive bright, indirect light – direct light can burn the leaves. It will also tolerate lower light conditions. Make sure to keep the soil slightly moist, watering when the top layer of soil has dried out.

Supplied with a clear stems and head of leafy branches at around 100cm tall in an approx. 4-5 litre container.