Hydrangea arborescens Pink Annabelle - Invincibelle Spirit

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The reliable Hydrangea Annabelle that everyone knows and loves now comes in pink! Invincibelle Spirit is a hardy, very easy to grow shrub suitable for any garden. It will bloom each year, regardless of pruning or extremes of weather.

Unlike many other hydrangeas, hydrangea arborescens blooms on new wood, so it develops flowers even if pruned hard or if growth is killed to the ground from harsh winters. Flowering continuously it is really versatile, producing blooms from early summer right up to the first winter frosts.

Hydrangea Invincibelle Spirit can be grown in full sun to partial shade, in the gound or in large planters for the patio. It's not fussy on soil either, and the plants require minimal maintenance to keep them looking great. The flowers emerge a bright, hot pink, and mature to a light, soft pink.

Fully hardy, the plants will reach around 100-120cms tall and wide, and carry as many as 100 flower heads or more each growing season from early summer, right through to the first frosts of winter. Supplied in approx 3 litre containers.

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