Skimmia Fragrant Cloud

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Skimmia produce male and female flowers on separate plants. This one is male, with white flowers that carry a lily-of-the-valley perfume held in plump, bell-shaped inflorescence that are composed of many tiny, close packed flowers. These are carried on short, ruddy-brown stalks. There is a soft, two-tone colour effect when the flower is observed at close quarters. The flowers appear in March and April and, during the winter, the buds form an attractive feature. Males don't bear berries but, out of flower, make a dome-shaped shrub with long, light green, shiny leaves. Grow a female form close by so that you get winter berries as well. This makes a lovely backdrop to spring bulbs, perhaps occupying a light or part shaded spot to their rear. Supplied in approx 3 litre containers.
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