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Ruscus aculeatus John Redmond
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Ruscus aculeatus John Redmond

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Ruscus aculeatus is one of a handful of species of this small Mediterranean evergreen plant, also known as Butchers Broom. ''John Redmond'' is a compact evergreen shrub up to about 50cm high with a broad upright habit. The dark green twigs carry no leaves, but so-called 'cladophylls'; leaf-like flattened branchlets. They are ovate, sharp pointed and dark green. From the third year on the plants start to flower with greenish-white flowers that are carried in the centres of the cladophylls.

Although the flowers are inconspicuous, the berries produced thereafter are very attractive. They are about 1 cm in diameter and are profusely born from late summer to late winter. ''John Redmond'' is easy to establish, can be planted in various soils and will withstand the coldest temperatures along with warm and dry weather. Furthermore it is wind resistant, a plus point for coastal gardens and exposed sites, and can be planted in full sun or partial shade.

For best effect it can be grown in groups in the garden, in mixed tubs or in a beautiful pot on terrace or balcony. Pictured as supplied in season, we've seen these used to great effect as living Christmas table decorations. . . . the plants themselves certainly have a festive feeling to them. Supplied in approx 3 litre containers.

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