Mahonia 'Soft Caress' - New Evergreen Mahonia Shrub - LARGE Specimen Sized Plant

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An RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year Award Winner, and originally New and Exclusive to us in 2012, Mahonia eurybracteata ganpinensis Soft Caress to give it its full technical name is a sensational Mahonia variety. It has also won numerous other horticultural awards throughout the gardening industry, guaranteeing a truly superb new plant introduction.

Mahonia Soft Caress is the first Mahonia of its kind with spine-free leaves, which means it can be planted near to paths or doorways with out the fear of being prickled as you might with traditional Mahonia varieties that have holly-like leaves. If you brush past these, there will be no worries about any scratches, opening up many new planting positions and ideas where you may not have considered Mahonia in the past. 'Soft Caress' is also compact and dwarf in nature, which means it makes an excellent evergreen groundcover when planted en-mass.

Evergreen shrubs such as this are also ideal for larger patio planters, where they can provide interest all year round. It could of course simply be used to make an outstanding addition to either a sunny or partially shaded border. Being compact in nature, with it's unusual texture, and late season flowering period, we also think it will look fantastic at the side of a garden pool, coming in to it's own as other plants may be finishing.

Mahonia Soft Caress is a compact, evergreen shrub, so it is ideal for larger pots, where it will provide year-round colour and interest. It will also make a fine addition to a sunny or partially shaded garden border, looking fabulous combined with other plants and evergreens, mature plants will reach 90-120cms tall with a similar width. The judges at Chelsea were won over by its unusual, delicate ferny foliage and lemon-yellow, scented blooms. The blue berries that follow give an extended season of interest.

Supplied as a very well establish chunky plants in approx. 10-12 litre containers. These are of fantastic quality, and will be supplied in bud and flower in season - far larger, and years older specimens than other suppliers, the value is quite amazing.