Semponium 'Diamond' - Surreal Succulents

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Semponium Diamond is an outstanding brand new hybrid combining the hardiness of Sempervivum with the dramatic form of an Aeonium.

This has resulted in a vibrant and majestic succulent - it will create a dramatic focal point in the house, balcony or the garden. Raised in Cornwall by plant nursery Surreal Succulents (who themselves sell the plant for £35 when we last checked) it has so far proven hardy to -4°C, so will be best in a sheltered spot until further testing on hardiness of a full British winter has been achieved.

Semponium Diamond is the world’s first known hybrids of Sempervivum and Aeonium. Ideal to grow in full sun or part shade, it suits any garden including windy coastal gardens, gravel gardens, window boxes, pots and indoors. It will form a mounding succulent of around 40cms tall and wide with a large central rosette surrounded by multiple smaller ones.

Semponium ‘Diamond’ boasts perfectly formed, satisfyingly geometric rosettes of lime green leaves, each leaf outlined in bright red when in strong sunlight. The plants branch out to form superbly bushy multi-headed specimens making it a must-have for any collection. Demand is high, and supply is short, for these new Semponiums, so you'll be amongst the first in the world to own and grow one. 

Supplied in appox 2 litre containers.

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