Slug Defence Barrier Granules

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ecofective Slug Defence stops slugs and snails in their tracks. Natural non-toxic granules provide a physical barrier around edible and non-edible plants which deter slugs and snails from reaching the protected plants throughout the growing season.

Child, pet and bee safe, this product is developed from naturally-derived ingredients which do not turn spongy once wet; instead they dry out quickly and remain just as effective, unlike clay repellents which degrade with rain and watering. Slug barrier granules that provide a physical barrier around edible and non-edible plants.

  • Natural non-toxic granules for slug & snail control
  • Provides an effective physical barrier to stop slugs & snails accessing potted and bedded plants
  • Pesticide free, for all garden types
  • Long lasting granules which dry quickly and remain effective after rain or watering
  • Safe to use around children, pets, wildlife and bees

These granules are the perfect slug control product

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