Black Alder Hedging - Alnus Glutinosa / Common Alder

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Alnus glutinosa, sometimes called Common Alder or Black Alder, is a sturdy, quick-growing tree that is perfect for ecological landscaping and hedging. This plant is especially well-known for its capacity to flourish in damp environments, which makes it ideal for locations near bodies of water or other sources of moisture. The Black Alder adds seasonal interest with its lustrous, dark green foliage that turns yellow in the autumn.

Due to its robust growth pattern, this tree makes a great choice for windbreaks or dense screens. Although it can grow to considerable heights, it can be clipped to keep its size and form as desired. Black alder will grow healthily and vigorously if planted in well-drained soil that receives full sun to light shade. A robust root system is established with regular irrigation.

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