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BLACK FRIDAY DEAL - Succulent Plant Collection - FIVE Contemporary Trendy Plants

Product ref: H10832

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BLACK FRIDAY DEAL - Usually 14.97, today just 7.97 - Save £7!

This collection of easy to care for indoor succulent plants will add a lovely finishing touch to a windowsill or coffee table. Succulents are a must-have plant of the moment, they are uber trendy and the rising stars of social media and Instagram, being fun and easy to look after and grow - even for urban dwellers with no previous plant experience.

Featuring five assorted varieties from a wide selection as pictured, they'll complete and complement a simple contemporary look and design in your home. They are so easy, and lend themselves to many different positions as part of your homes decor. Display together as a group, lined up on a windowsill, or individually in a variety of different spots.

These would also make a great choice as a gift for some one starting a collection of cacti and succulents, or for someone who normally kills regular houseplants - succulents like this do not mind if you forget to water them occasionally. Kids love them too, and the make a great way to introducing youngsters to the joy of gardening.

Pack of FIVE assorted plants supplied in approx. 7-9cm nursery pots - simply position and enjoy!

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL - Usually 14.97, today just 7.97 - Save £7!