Summer Fruit Pudding Collection - SIX Fantastic Fruit Plants

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Imagine indulging in a sumptuous summer fruit pudding with a lovely dollop of fresh cream, all the sweeter and more delicious thanks to the fruit having been grown in your own garden.

Growing your own healthy fruits is so easy, any one can do it, even you!

Many people are put off thinking they need lots of space, but you don't even need a big garden to grow these and have your own tasty home grown treats.

This special collection has been selected so you can even grow successfully in tubs on the patio, although you can of course plant in the garden where they'll absolutely thrive. The plants are lovely, and of fantastic quality, and all should be fruiting within a season of planting! Simply pick your crops and combine to create your favourite recipes.

These are not tiny seedlings, but 9cm starter plants full of vigour ready to be planted straight out in the garden or in to planters, despite their small stature!!!

Our collection features top quality plants in great varieties, you would think you can only grow these with great skill overseas, but that is not the case - you can really surprise your friends with your new found green fingered growing skills. All of these can be kept safely in tubs or planted in the garden.

This fantastic value selection includes:

Duke Blueberry (Vaccinium corybosum) - Juicy blueberries are not only delicious, but also a renowned source of health giving anti-oxidants. What's more, our Duke blueberry plants could not be easier to grow, producing heavy crops in mid-summer. Can you imagine picking your own fresh fruit on your patio or balcony? Our specially selected Duke variety allows you can do just that, as they are well suited to growing in patio planters. If you want to plant them in the garden, that's no problem either, here they'll reach up to 150cms tall at maturity and yield up to 10kgs of fruit every year. Blueberries are also beautiful in the garden. In spring rusty red leaf tips mature into a strong green canopy. Then clusters of creamy white flowers turn into the juicy blueberries. Then in Autumn they will provide a lovely bright colour as the foliage turns shades of yellow through orange and red.

Autumn Bliss Raspberry - Despite the name, this raspberry produces heavy crops of large, delicious berries from mid-summer until the winter frosts. An excellent choice for a sheltered sunny spot with well-prepared, moderately fertile, well-drained soil, the fruit are borne on the upper part of the current season's canes.

Josta Berry - Josta is a complex cross between the black currant bush and gooseberry plant, combining the best of both parents. It provides a generous crop on a plant without any pesky thorns. The berries are sweet and luscious when ripe, tasting like sweet gooseberries with a slight flavour of black currant. Looking after jostaberries is easy as they're also resistant to common berry bush diseases.

Redcurrant - High yields of superb quality fruit, producing luscious red currants that are sweet and vibrant with delicious flavours. Yielding up to 2.5kg each during a good season, they are tasty when eaten fresh from the bush or cooked into summer puddings, Redcurrant jams and fruit salads. Very easy to harvest, an excellent one for beginners to try.

Blackcurrant - This variety of Ribes is best known for producing the favourite dark coloured cordial begging with an R and ending in ena. Know what we're talking about? They reliably produce and are very easy to grow. Blackcurrant will reward you with a generous crop of big, lustrous berries, which have a deliciously tart flavour. Ready to harvest in the middle of the season they are rich in vitamin C.

Red Gooseberry - The ruby-red, medium-sized gooseberries are sweet when ripe with a tangy outer skin. They are ideal for bottling and preserves, and if left to ripen fully, are perfect used for desserts too.

All the above are delivered as high quality pot grown plants, each plant is individually supplied growing in its own 9cm pot.

Grow in the garden or on your patio.

They will do best in a bright position sheltered from the worst of the weather, but all can be grown safely outside all year round.

Buy your amazing collection of special fruits today, and get ready for your home-grown Summer Fruit Pudding!