Syringa josikaea 'Holger' - Large Lilac Tree

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A variety of the beautiful but humble Lilac but smaller and more compact than the traditional Lilac tree, its upright habit reaching three metres in height and spread but will be in no hurry to get there, making it shrub like in nature

Fragrant spikes of white flowers that bloom in late spring make this plant so special and they are further enhanced by the dark green foliage. Butterflies adore these flowers, so if you are a lover of our pollinating friends then that is reason enough to make a space for one of these plants in your garden.

This little Lilac is not just a spring party piece though as it is deciduous and will also offer up some decent autumn colour.

This plant will like a fertile well-draining soil and a sunny position although it will tolerate partial shade.

It will look great in a mixed cottage style garden setting or even in a small group set into a large lawn. Plant near a patio in smaller spaces to be able to enjoy its rich fragrance.

Supplied in approx. 7.5L container.

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