Sweet Pepper Rainbow Collection - Pack of SIX Plants

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Bring vibrant colour and a little sweetness to your garden and kitchen with this nifty collection of sweet pepper plants.

Containing six different varieties, they can be easily planted in an allotment, raised bed, greenhouse or containers. Each of these pepper plants will grow to produce sweet, juicy peppers that serve as the perfect snack and liven up any dish. Why settle for boring vegetables, when you can create a lush garden filled with colourful, delicious peppers?

The varieties included are as follows:

Red King – Producing large, sweet peppers this variety is reliable and yields the perfect pepper for stuffing and roasting. 

Liberty Belle – This variety is very high yielding and produces impressive fruits that mature to a beautiful bright yellow hue. 

Astor – This pepper plant produces large, long peppers that are early to fruit. Sweet and crisp, this pepper works fantastically well when barbecued, or even in salads.

Thor – Another variety that produces long peppers, the fruit will ripen from green to a vibrant red.

Snack Red – Sweet and crunchy, the ‘Snack Red’ variety, much like the name suggests yields the perfect snack-sized peppers that can be eaten straight from the plant. Great for lunch boxes, this is one the kids will love!

Snack Orange – Just like the above variety, this plant produces delicious snack-sized peppers for the whole family to enjoy. Although, instead of ripening to red, these peppers turn to orange when they have reached maturity.

Supplied as six individual plants in 9cm containers, ready to plant out in your vegetable garden or planters.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 19.97, today just 12.97 - Save £7!