Traditional Tomato Collection - Pack of SIX Plants

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Bring a burst of flavour to your garden with this tasty tomato collection, easy-to-grow, it features six different plants, including the early maturing ‘Shirley’ variety that can be grown in slightly colder conditions, and the ‘Consuelo’ tomato that produces blight-resistant cherry tomatoes. Simply grow each plant in either a pot, allotment, raised bed or greenhouse and you’ll be able to enjoy sweet, juicy, delicious tomatoes throughout the summer right up to the first frosts of winter.

The tomato varieties included are as follows:

Premio – A strong plant that is resistant to blight and produces firm, medium-sized tomatoes that have a good flavour and are perfect for salads.

Consuelo – Great to grow outside during the summer, this variety produces large shiny red cherry tomatoes.

Golden Sunrise – Much like the name suggests, these tomatoes ripen to a beautiful and brilliant deep yellow. Ideal for adding some variation to your tomato dishes in the kitchen.

Gardeners Delight – An old-timer, tried and tested popular variety thanks to how easy it is to grow, this plant produces a heavy crop of delicious, juicy tomatoes that can be harvested well into October.

Shirley – Producing excellent quality fruit, even in cooler summers ‘Shirley’ is a popular amongst home gardeners for salads or adding to cooked dishes.

Alicante – Another easy to grow variety, this plant works well iin gardens, grow-bags or large pots. Their deliciously sweet flavour makes them hard to resist.

Supplied as a pack of six plants, each growing in their own 9cm container - we've done the hardwork of bringing them on to this size, sown in our nursery using the finest quality seeds, carefully grown on in peat-free compost and acclimatised to outdoor condtions, they're well established on arrival, providing six individual plants that will be ready to plant straight out in your vegetable garden.