Trio Herb Gift Set

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A great gift for anyone who likes to cook and likes to keep a selection of fresh herbs close to hand to add to those wholesome and tasty home cooked recipes.

Our beautifully, well presented, high quality Kitchen Herb set includes 3 sachets of seeds which include Basil Sweet Genovese, Chives and Parsely, each growing pot is complete with chalk board plaques to label your herbs and grow indoors all year round.

Perfect for placing on the kitchen windowsill for fresh tasty herbs right at your fingertips, creating a beautiful blooming display of the most popular cooking herbs.

Firstly, with the chalk markers supplied write on each pot the variety you will be sowing and sow one variety at a time.

Carefully open each bag of compost, fill each pot with the compost and water lightly, Open 1 sachet of seed at a time, sow on the surface, sprinkle half the seeds evenly into each pot and lightly cover with the excess compost (extra seeds can be sown in the second year) Lightly press down on the surface of the compost to ensure good contact with seeds and water again if needed,the compost should be damp to touch but not water logged. Pots can be covered with a plastic bag to create humidity and placed into a warm area for 1 week to start germination. Continue to water when needed and remove from the plastic bag once the seedlings emerge. Place in a sunny, warm spot and await fresh, tasty herbs to use throughout the summer. 

Gift set comes complete with 3 sachets of seeds, Basil, Chives and Parsley, 3 pots, a chalk marker and growing medium

If growing herbs indoors on a windowsill remember to protect them at night from sudden drops of temperature. Do not place near heaters or radiators as this will dry the plants out very quickly. Fertilise every two weeks during the summer for strong healthy plants