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Tulip Sunlover - Pack of 8

Product ref: BR801037

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Tulip Sun Lover: Illuminate Your Garden Oasis!

Bring home the radiance of a thousand suns with the Tulip Sun Lover! Its vibrant golden-yellow petals kissed with fiery red streaks create a stunning visual reminiscent of sunrises and sunsets. Every petal seems to tell a tale of warmth, joy, and resplendent summer days.

Caring is a Cakewalk: The Tulip Sun Lover is perfectly attuned to the UK's climate. Whether you're a gardening guru or taking your first steps into the realm of blooms, this tulip is delightfully uncomplicated. A little love goes a long way, ensuring they return each year with renewed vigour.

Charming Companions: Imagine your Tulip Sun Lover swaying alongside soft lavenders or deep-blue irises. Such pairings not only offer a visual treat but also promote mutual growth, ensuring your garden remains the envy of your neighbourhood.

Value Beyond Beauty: Quality and affordability intertwine seamlessly with our Tulip Sun Lover bulbs. A one-time purchase promises years of luminous garden displays, making it a truly remarkable investment for your green haven.

Pack of 8 finest Tulip bulbs.

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