TWIN PACK - Tomato & Vegetable Planter Growing Bags - 2 x Premium Compost Grow Bags

Product ref: GM24845A

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Want to try your hand at starting a veggie garden but don’t know where to start?

Well, all you’ll need are some seeds/seedlings and these fab grow bags. Perfect for small spaces, they have everything you need to grow everything from tomatoes and peppers to courgettes, cucumbers and aubergines. Plus, with this special double pack, you can grow even more delicious vegetables. 

Transfer the specifically formulated compost for your Tomato Plants or vegetable seedlings into pots or simply leave them to grow in the bag. Planting veggies has never been so quick and easy!

2 x Tomato and Vegetable 33 litre Grow Bag Planters - the simple easy way to quick crops.

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