Viburnum dilatatum Michael Dodge

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The Linden Viburnum as it is commonly known is a very worthwhile shrub to have around.

Reaching 2-3 metres (8-10ft) tall and 1.5-2 metre (5-8ft) wide on maturity it is perfectly suited to both larger or smaller gardens where it is easily prune to maintain a smaller size.

Michael Dodge is a variety that has been specially selected to produce not only huge clouds of late spring and early summer blooms that obscure the leaves but also fantastic autumnal and winter interest. The foliage transitions from green to yellow, orange and red in autumn. This is followed by persistent berries that can start colouring up as early as August but are held on the plants until well in to winter.

Very easy to grow, this Viburnum prefers full sun to partial shade on well drained moist soil, it is however extremely tolerant of soil type and the position in which it is planted.

Supplied growing in approx. 4 litre container.

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