Viburnum Opulus - Snowball Bush - Bare Root Hedging 60-80cm - Pack of 25

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Our Snowball Bush, Viburnum Opulus, comes in a pack of 25 bare root hedging plants, each 60-80cm tall. It blooms with great luxuriance in the spring, showcasing very showy globose clusters of white flowers like snowballs. The Snowball Bush produces pretty red berries in the fall and has attractive, lobed, green leaves that turn a rich reddish-purple in fall, offering ornamental beauty and appealing foliage year-round.


Viburnum Opulus is suitable for most gardens and thrives in areas with sun to partial shade, where it can be planted in moist, well-drained soil. It is perfect for creating an informal hedge, being part of mixed borders, or even as a stand-alone specimen, providing beauty and privacy. Plant in well-drained, fertile soil and keep well watered throughout the first growing season to establish a deep, vigorous root system. It requires very little pruning, only to remove dead or damaged branches from late winter to early spring for shape and healthy growth.

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