Viola Honeybee - Pack of Six Plants

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Masses of golden honey-coloured flowers whose petals that have a beautiful coppery edge to their wings and centre. Born generously all over the plants dense crown of mid green leaves and stems. The flowers are numerous, particularly in the spring making this the perfect plant cheer us up as the days become longer. The highly impressive

Viola is as hard as nails, and it is easy to see why gardeners love them. Planted in Autumn it will flower through the winter before a magnificent crescendo of flowering in the spring. These plants can take froze ground, snow and the wind and still come up colourful. If planting in open ground, fork over the area to make sure it will not waterlog and if in a container, invest in a decent potting compost.

To make these plants thrive add some slow-release fertiliser in spring, pick over dead flowers from time to time and water in dry periods if container grown. Violas are superb spring bedding plants and when under planted with bulbs such as Tulip or Daffodil they provide the perfect seasonal display as nature awakes from its winter slumber. Planted in numbers in a bed or border or in a hanging basket this Viola brightens up any garden and will always work hard for the grower. Supplied as a pack of 6 plants.