Walnut Tree 'Chandler' - Go Nuts and grow your own!

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How about growing your own tough hardy little trees to produce healthy and tasty snacks for your muesli or perhaps in this case of the Walnut (Juglans regia), an essential ingredient to one of the nations favourite cakes! Supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers, this starter tree is designed to be kept pruned and under control, like little cousins to their full sized full grown counterparts you'd find in parks, woodlands and hedgerows - after all, it is possible to grow and keep many trees as small as a Bonsai - although you'll need to get these to around 6ft tall to start enjoying crops it's perfectly possible to grow these delicious nuts in larger containers on the patio for an unusual crop. They'll also bring the benefit of providing some dappled summer shade as they grow.

Planted in the garden, they can be allowed to grow larger if you do not prune, and they do grow surprisingly fast once established - so you can sit under the branches in years to come during summer whilst you admire your developing crop. Come autumn, be ready to collect a bounty of beautiful nuts, that can also be stored for many months too. Chandler produces large nuts with a thin shell and very light-coloured kernels. A late leafing and blooming variety it is less likely to be affected by frosts, plus it's self-fertile too. These reasons, combined with managable compact growth, have made it a very popular commerical variety too for nut growing orchards.