Westringia - Australian Coast Rosemary - Large Shrub in Bud and Bloom

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Westringia is a tough and easy to grow compact Australian shrub, frost and drought resistant, it can also withstand salt spray, making it ideal for coastal gardens. From a distance the plants look much like a rosemary but with a bushier less upright habit and silvery-grey foliage, upon closer inspection however it is clearly identified as another species. Preferring a well drained spot, it is perfect in those difficult areas, having no problems handling the strongest sun or dry summer conditions once established. It can even be used as a hedge in sheltered locations, reaching 2-3 metres tall. The narrow linear foliage becomes covered in masses of pretty small blue flowers for much of the year. Supplied as pictured in approx. 5 litre containers, our plants are lovely bushy established specimens and are covered with buds and flowers right now.