Winter Cherry Plant covered in berries - Just £1!
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Winter Cherry Plant covered in berries - Just £1!

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The nickname of the Winter Cherry, also known as Jerusalem Cherry (Solanum pseudocapsicum) is ‘love apple’, which is no surprise. It is a romantic shrub that appeals greatly to the imagination because it looks like a mini orange tree. Amidst the dark green, wavy leaves the plant first produces white star-shaped flowers. Once they’re pollinated, they become green berries which turn increasingly orange and remain on the plant.

A  member of the nightshade family, these are actually related to potatoes, although of course they are not edible!

Originally bought to Europe by Portuguese sailors it became a status symbol amongst the upper classes. It’s a real feature in the garden, particularly in late summer and autumn, thanks to the brightly coloured berries and attractive compact shape. Here in the UK it has been prized as a houseplant over the festive period for generations, even rivalling the well known Poinsettia in popularity at times over the decades.

Actual Stock as Supplied is pictured, growing in approx 14cm/1.5 litre grower pots.

Why not add one of our white cover pots (also pictured) to complete your display?