Wisteria Caroline - Large Specimen Plant 6ft+

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Wisteria 'Caroline' blooms earlier than most other Wisteria varieties from mid-spring onwards, allowing you to enjoy the abundant lilac-blue flowers and sweet perfume fragrance earlier in the season - the blooms will continue in to mid summer. A relatively new variety that was bred in New Zealand, Wisteria Caroline is widely coveted for its breath-taking flower displays and striking foliage.

Wisteria Caroline is perfect trained on a wall, pergola or for growing through other well-established trees and shrubs, it thrives in full sun.

Wisteria Caroline will make a dramatic addition to any garden setting where it is planted, and gain admiring glances for years to come. Be sure to plant the vine where the blooms can be easily seen and enjoyed and where heavenly aroma of the flowers can tantalise the senses. Supplied in approx. 5.5 litre containers.