Wisteria floribunda Lawrence - Bicolour Japanese Wisteria - Large Specimen Plant 6ft+

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Lawrence is one of the most spectacular wisteria varieties available, it carries extravagantly long clusters of fragrant bicolour flowers in a soft shade of cream-white combined with a darker lilac-violet. The trusses of this Japanese wisteria are longer than average, and appear as the leaves emerge in June. The bi-coloured blooms are very beautiful, and the plant will create an eye-catching feature when grown over a robust pergola or trained against a protected, sunny wall. Precocious blooming begins during the 1st or 2nd year.

Supplied as a strong plant, around 180cm (6 ft) tall, these are plant of flowering size plants, for bloom every Spring. The Wisteria originated in countries such as China, Japan, Korea, and America. This vigorous, growing, climber is a grafted plant which ensures free flowering, being graced with a spectacular blossoming of flowers in spring whilst in summer an abundance of fresh, green leaves enriches it completely. Not only will this rustic shrub withstand the toughest of winters but it is also gifted with a resistance to most pests and diseases.

The branches of these exuberant plants twist around their support which makes them ideal for embellishing walls, gates, fences pergolas, railings, banisters, pillars or even leave them to climb and twist themselves around the trunks and branches of other trees. This adaptable shrub will also grow harmoniously on its own. In any case, it makes a perfect plant for the most modern to the most traditional of gardens.