Abelia x grandiflora Magic Daydream

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A graceful compact shrub that can be happily sited in either open ground or a container as long as it’s given a sheltered sunny spot to grow in.

Its soft ovate foliage is variegated by nature with a creamy white margin bordering a dark green. The leaves on new shoots are pink in colour at first and can display purplish in autumn and winter. The Abelia is semi-evergreen by nature so in very cold areas leaves may drop after an autumnal display. Its foliage makes for a great feature but, this is greatly enhanced by the delicate white flowers that change to pink with age and are delightfully fragrant and appear in early summer and continue all the way until autumn.

This beautiful little shrub will reach no more than one metre in height and width and loves a sunny south or west facing spot, it is happy in most substrates but avoid heavy clay. It is the perfect little shrub for a container on a patio or balcony. A balanced slow release fertiliser in late spring will help keep your Abelia happy.

Supplied in approx.2-3 litre containers.