Clematis Taiga - Stunning Brand New & Exclusive hardy Climbing Tiger Clematis florida 'Taiga'

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Say "hello Taiga", to the Clematis that thinks it is a Passion Flower! Just look at the masses of exotic looking blooms!

Be one of the first people in the world to grow this amazing new show stopper, a nominee of the Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year Award!

Produces a profusion of luxuriant double two toned flowers

Fully hardy climber, growing bigger and better every year

Extremely free flowering up fences, trellis and more

Very easy to grow and care for

Palm sized flowers develop in three conspicuous stages until fully filled - a real spectacle

Flowers for many months every year over attractive green foliage

Gardening Express are delighted to exclusively introduce this fantastic brand new Clematis with flowers that look so stunning and exotic you could mistake it for a passion flower! We think it is one of the most stunning flowers you will ever see, plus these unique multi-layered blooms appear over a long period from June to September, turning walls and fences in to floral masterpieces.

Bred in Japan, this is a truly amazing flower, fully hardy and easy to grow and producing a myriad of exotic looking blooms with a unique look.

This is a game changer in the Clematis world and sure to be an overnight sensation.

Taiga - Japanese for River - will roar like a torrent (or a Tiger) with its colourful display, commanding attention.

Like a work of art, the flowers of Taiga change and transition as they grow, but of course they always look beautiful.

The unique blooms can not be matched by any other variety, the large purple-blue blooms are extremely decorative with every petal tipped in a paler shade.

Clematis Taiga will flower all summer long, so there will be ample opportunity to show off your new masterpiece.

Try it framing a pathway climbing over an arch, or perhaps trained on a trellis, fence or wall?

It can even be grown with a support in patio planters - no matter the size of your garden there is room for a Taiga or two!

This Clematis will thrive on good, well drained fertile soil in a bright sunny spot.

It can reach up to 200cms high with 100cm spread, and handle temperatures as low as -15c once well established.

If you buy just one new plant this year, make it Taiga, the unique Clematis that's sure to be a roaring success In your garden.

Clematis Taiga is a recently introduced variety, originally exclusive to Gardening Express, we have stocks of this amazing new variety available , plus they're a decent size, ready to plant straight out in the garden, supplied in 2-3 litre containers.

You may have seen another company advertising Taiga, but it is Gardening Express that have in our opinion the best 2 year old stock available as high quality 2-3 litre containers. We originally secured the exclusive rights from the breeder to launch and supply Taiga in the UK before any one else.

We can deliver right away. Don't risk ordering any where else and miss out on this beautiful new plant.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 19.97, today just 15.97 - Save £4!

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