Acer Japanese Maple - Emerald Lace

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Acer palmatum Emerald Lace is a lovely Japanese Maple with a low growing, spreading habit and cascading weeping branches.

The foliage is lacy and bursts in to life each spring in a beautiful lime green shade. As the season progressed, the leaves often develop a red edge making a striking contrast. In Autumn the foliage finally takes on a fiery red-orange hue before finally falling for winter. Emerald Lace is the perfect tree for a small garden thanks to the wide variety of vibrant seasonal interest it provides.

It will grow well in a large container, making a wonderful patio tree. Japanese Maples are the perfect small garden tree and Emerald Lace is no exception. The softly rounded tree is made up of elegantly arching branches that moves gracefully in the breeze. It is also fantastic used as a specimen plant in a large planter. Supplied in approx. 2-3 litre containers.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 19.97, today just 14.97 - Save £5!

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