Acer palmatum Annie Irene - Japanese Maple

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Annie Irene is a recently introduced Japanese Maple variety that was originally discovered on a Dutch nursery. Robust in growth, it has lovely golden-yellow to orange new foliage with narrow red margins, taking on light green tones in summer, thus offering a bright vibrant display all summer long.  In Autumn, you'll be rewarded with fiery orange shades, as it transition through brilliant golden, red and finally orange.

A resilient and easy to grow Acer, Annie Irene is a Japanese Maple that will form a densely-branched small tree with bright-green bark and a narrow upright habit. The foliage colour of Acer palmatum Annie Irene is best in partial shade, although full sun can be tolerated. It is ideal for creating a Japanese theme anywhere in your garden. It will do best in a partially shaded position that shields it from blistering mid-day summer sun, other than that, it is a perfect specimen for virtually all situations. 

Great in pots or containers, or planted in the ground mixed with other shrubs and Acers.

Remember, the bark of Annie Irene can also offer a nice winter glow, so it offers more than just foliage value in the garden. Absolutely outstanding for autumnal colour. These plants give a wonderful effect in the garden what ever the season.

Supplied in approx 3 litre containers.

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