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Acer Pink Passion is probably the brightest and most striking of all the Japanese Maples with pink colouring. It is also a strong growing variety compared to other lighter pale pink coloured plants. The strong colouration is completely unique amongst all the other Acer varieties available making it the ideal choice as a focal point in a large planter or in the ground.


The foliage emerges cherry red in spring, the fine, deeply-divided leaves display a rich colour reminiscent of the Shiraz grapes used to make the finest red wines. In summer, the variegated light and dark pink leaves can have hints of cream and pale green amongst them. When we come to Autumn, the foliage turns a brilliant scarlet before shedding for the winter, all of this makes Pink Passion one of the most outstanding and stunning Acers you will ever own - a must-have for any Japanese Maple aficionado.


Slow-growing and long-lived, Pink Passion will add year-round interest to the garden, it's beauty increasing with age, making it a lifetime investment in the landscape.


Supplied in approx. 10 litre containers.


WINTER SALE - Usually 199.99, today just 149.99 - Save £50!

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