Acer palmatum Sango Kaku - Coral Bark Maple - circa 80-120cm

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Probably the best Acer you can buy for Winter Colour in terms of stunning colour from it's brightly shaded stems.

Acer Sango Kaku is widely known as the coral bark maple, this cultivar is popular due to its flaming, coral-red bark.

The soft green leaves are a sharp contrast to the brilliant bark and in winter the shining stems stand out against the white drifts of snow. Watch for bright, golden-red Autumn colour for another surprise effect. Summer foliage takes on canary yellow hues.

It is perfect in a patio planter or in the garden and would look particularly stunning as a backdrop to a water feature for example.

It would also look most handsome as a solitary specimen on it's own, where it will grow to stand out over time whatever the weather! The winter bark colour could be compared in brightness to that of the well known dogwood or the canes of a bright bamboo.

This Acer provides interest all the way through winter until the tree re-leafs in spring. The brightly coloured bark has a warming glow to it and a charm all of its own, standing out even in the bleakest snowy conditions.

Images feature fresh spring foliage bursting from coral-red bark, summer foliage with canary-yellow hues, blazing autumn colour and gorgeous, dogwood like winter bark.

Supplied in approx 3 litre containers at around 80-120cms tall.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 29.97, today just 24.97 - Save £5!

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