Acer palmatum Shin Deshojo - Japanese Maple
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Acer palmatum Shin Deshojo - Japanese Maple

Product ref: S1K006

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This Acer is one of the most highly sought in our collection, and for good reason. It possesses beautiful Blood Red Spring foliage as in bursts into life after winter and is very well renowned for this beauty. As summer progresses the older leaves turn green but the young shoots remain tipped with burnished-red young leaves. Then, into Autumn the whole tree becomes a blazing beacon of bright scarlet as the leaves prepare to fall. Quite simply Spectacular!

It is ideal for an oriental style garden, and really needs a special position where it can be admired, maybe a large patio container?

Supplied in an approx. 2-3 litre containers at around 50cms tall, good quality, sturdy young trees.