Acer pseudoplatanus Esk Sunset - Sycamore Tree

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An unusual small Maple tree that is grown for its striking foliage. The tree is upright and spreading by nature reaching a height of three metres and is deciduous by nature. In spring the leaves emerge an orange pink colour that really is show stopping, as they age, they green up but remain splashed with a cream and pink variegation, their underside is a purple colour making them incredibly striking when they are caught by the wind.

This is a superb tree for an exposed site and will happily grow in a coastal setting making it a striking foliage plant for a seaside themed garden. If space is limited then it will take a hard pruning, in fact a good cut back from time to time will help retain its brightly coloured spring leaves, this is best done in the summer.

Supplied in approx. 10-12 litre containers.

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Dappled shade is best for foliage colours but will tolerate full sun. No pruning routine is required, just remove any dead or damaged branches. Pruning is best in late autumn when the plant is fully dormant. Late spring it is advised to add a top layer of a multi-purpose fertiliser to the base of the plant.