Agapanthus Sunfield - Gigantic Football Sized Flower heads

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A new Agapanthus featuring gigantic sized flower heads as large as foot balls, around 20-30cms across, in gorgeous cobalt blue.

These flowers are produced from June to September in quantity on established plants and are held on strong stems, each flowerhead itself lasting for several weeks before it starts to fade. A clump-forming perennial, native to Africa, the plant is fully hardy with rich green strap shaped leaves.

Does best in full sun on well drained, moist soil. We highly recommend this plant as a must have. Supplied as large strong flowering sized plants in approx. 4-5 Litre containers depending on time of year. Often in flower on delivery in season.

Also looks absolutely stunning in a container on the patio or deck, we've seen them used to great effect in galvanised buckets. Certainly one to make you the envy of all your friends at that summer barbecue, and so easy to grow too!