Large 6ft Climber - Akebia quinata - Cream Form - White Chocolate Vine

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A spring flowering attraction, Akebia quinata Cream Form will fill your garden with an exceptional chocolate scent. Emanating from intriguing, unreal flowers with three thick, waxy-looking petals, which come together to create inverted cup-shaped blooms. These are held in clusters along the stems, over the long-lasting, semi-evergreen foliage.

A rare and desirable climber, the new spring foliage emerges with bronzes tones, maturing to green and becoming tinged with purple towards winter. Native to Asia, Akebia were brought to the UK in the 1800's, and can be trained up a wall, or over a garden structure. Akebia quinata is also known as the Chocolate Vine. You will have a rather exceptional chocolate fragrance filling your garden. The luxurious spicy-chocolate scent, with a hint of vanilla, emanates from the cream flowers from March to May.

In the warmth of summer, purple, elongated fruits may follow, which are edible. Akebia quinata Cream Form prefers to be grown in moist, well-drained soil in sun, reaching an approximate height of 10m and spread of around 5m, though you can prune to the required size for your garden. Being a fully hardy plant, Akebia will flourish growing outside all year round for you to enjoy for many years.

Supplied in approx. 5.5 litre nursery containers at around 170cms (circa 6ft) tall.

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