Allium schubertii - Giant Sparkler Firework Allium - Large Bulb - Pack of 2

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Wow, what a dramatic firework this is! Lasting decades once planted and offering tremendous value, this is one of the rarer more sought after and unusual alliums - and it really draws attention.

Schubertii is unique, with it's globes reaching as much as 30-40cms (12-15 inches) in diameter, you simply plant the bulbs in Autumn for a display in late spring and early summer, around the time of the Chelsea Flower Show - and these will be repeated each and every year. As many as a hundred Pink-lilac florets radiate from a central ball shaped umbel, held on a strong robust stem - there really is nothing quite like it.

Allium Schubertii is also known as the Persian Onion, although we do think the Giant Sparkler or Firework Allium names are more apt! It looks particularly good growing amongst low growing herbaceous perennials and ornamental grass providing and addition of stunning form, colour and interest. It also makes an excellent cut flower for any floral arrangement where that wow factor and a bit of intrigue is required. The can even be dried and used indoors for a unique Winter display, or left in situ in the border to become bejeweled in frost for another unique look.

Stems only reach around 40cms tall, so make sure to plant where you'll see them, ideally in groups for the best display. They'll do best in full sun but, will tolerate light shade. Well drained soil is best.

Supplied as a pack of 2 bulbs ready to plant in to a patio container or the garden.