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Amelanchier canadensis Rainbow Pillar - Circa 180cms tall

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A stunning plant from the Amelanchier genus, this plant grows in a multi-stemmed upright form. It is an ideal plant for a mixed shrub and tree border that is designed with the changing season in mind. Seasonality is the key word with these plants; in late spring ‘Rainbow Pillar’ will become sheathed in small star shaped white flowers. These flowers are preceded by blue black berries which are great for encouraging bird life into the garden. In autumn the mid-green leaves that have covered the plant over summer turn a show stopping array of autumnal yellow, red and orange, making this shrub a winner in planting display. Amelanchier likes a slightly acidic to neutral soil and tough enough for all aspects and grows in both a sunny and partially shady position and will tolerate exposed windy conditions. In its first season make sure it gets water in dry periods thus aiding root establishment, once bedded down this will make a medium sized shrub reaching four metre plus but will take time to get there.

Supplied in approx. 12 Litre containers.

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