Anemone japonica Fantasy 'Cinderella' - Japanese Anemone - Windflower

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Stunning blooms smother Anemone Fantasy Cinderella from mid-late summer onwards, providing a welcome and vivid splash of autumnal colour. Anemones are perfect for perennial borders and containers, especially if you are lacking colour and brightness later in the year.

Japanese Anemones are easy to grow, trouble free plants - Fantasy Cinderella is a compact, well-behaved beauty, slug and snail resistant, not fussy on soil conditions, it will thrive planted in full sun or partial shade. Forming a nice clump that increases and improves year on year, the masses of pink flowers shown off beautifully above the fresh green foliage.

Supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers, our plants are of premium quality, in season they will be delivered looking stunning full of buds and flowers.

This plant will reach a height of around 45 cm and a spread of 60 cm after 2-5 years.