Anemone sylvestris - Snowdrop Anemone - Windflower

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Anemone sylvestris, is a lovely form, affectionately known as the Snowdrop Anemone forming a mound of deeply cut foliage, topped with nodding white flowers with yellow centres in late spring in to summer. They are scented and are good for cutting, but if you leave them on, they will be followed by white woolly seedheads.

The plant gets its common name from the way the flower buds emerge on bent stems, so they hang like snowdrops. Then they straighten up and face outwards as the flowers start to open. Find the right spot for them and they will naturalise and spread into large clumps forming drifts of snowy white blooms running through shady borders. Anemone sylvestris is a very quick growing plant, easy and maintenance-free. We supply these plants in approx 2-3 litre containers.