Beautiful New & Exclusive Calla Lily 'Frozen Queen' - Zantedeschia - In Bud & Bloom

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Here's something really classy and really special - a beautiful New and Exclusive variety of Calla Lily in Bud and just bursting in to flower that features bright leaves with a large central splash of white variegation and brilliant carmine-rose shaded flowers. The blooms create a real contrast, with these unusual plants providing a superb talking point and some thing really different.


The ones in our office had around 10 shapely blooms and yours will be selected from the same batch, meaning you know you'll have an established plant capable of blooming next year no problem, as a new and exclusive plant, quantities are limited, which makes it just that extra little bit more special - a perfect gift, or simply as a plant to decorate your own home and keep for yourself.


These look really stunning, and quite simply are not to be missed, overall an approx. 1 litre container.

This plant will thrive in a shady spot and look great for a time indoors or can also happily be grown outside on the patio or even planted in garden beds and border for summer flowering again in future seasons.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 9.99, today just 5.99 - Save £4!

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