Begonia Camellia

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Begonia Camellia is a beautiful cultivar that is well-known for its abundant, camellia-like blooms that add grace and beauty to any garden. Large, double blooms with delicate petal layers that strongly resemble camellias are produced by this begonia. The blossoms are a versatile option for complementing both flower beds and containers because they come in a variety of colours, from brilliant hues to gentle pastels.

Begonia Camellias require well-drained soil and some shade for best development; excessive sun exposure can wilt the fragile blooms. Make sure the soil is always moist, but don't water it too much. Frequent deadheading will promote more flowers and make the flowering period last longer. Combine this gorgeous begonia with other perennials that like the shade, such as ferns or hostas.

Supplied as a bare root plant. 


This Begonia is supplied as a special corm, ready to plant and grow away quickly, these are packed with energy and will bloom within weeks of planting - perfect for vivid displays in patio planters or hanging baskets, they're even happy in garden beds and borders too, providing a flamboyant display.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually £1.99, today just £1, yes, Just £1!