Begonia Golden Balcony

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Begonia Golden Balcony dazzles with its magnificent golden-yellow blooms that hang gracefully from hanging baskets and pots. This type is well-known for its luxuriant, profuse growth and cheery, vibrant flowers that bloom from the beginning of summer until the first frosts. Because of its cascading style, it's a great option for bringing some colour and vertical appeal to any outdoor area.

Begonia Golden Balcony should be planted in well-drained soil in a partially shaded area to shield the vivid blooms from the intense noon sun. To encourage more blooming, make sure the soil is continuously moist and remove any faded blooms. For a dramatic contrast in your garden displays, pair its golden hues with rich purple or blue flowering plants like Lobelia or Petunias.


This Begonia is supplied as a special corm, ready to plant and grow away quickly, these are packed with energy and will bloom within weeks of planting - perfect for vivid displays in patio planters or hanging baskets, they're even happy in garden beds and borders too, providing a flamboyant display.