Begonia pendula Red - Perfect for Tubs and Baskets

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Pendula Begonia If gardeners want to add a dramatic splash of colour to their hanging displays, red is a striking option. This type has eye-catching red blossoms that hang gently and produce a gorgeous cascade effect that is ideal for tubs, baskets, or even as a spectacular ground cover. From early July until the first frosts, the vibrant red flowers bloom profusely, creating a striking and enduring show.

Begonia pendula plant Red in soil that drains well; best planted in part shade to keep the deep red petals from fading in full sunlight. To promote more blooming, keep the soil consistently moist and remove spent blooms on a regular basis. Combine this begonia with plants that have silver or white foliage, such as white Bacopa or Dusty Miller.


This Begonia is supplied as a special corm, ready to plant and grow away quickly, these are packed with energy and will bloom within weeks of planting - perfect for vivid displays in patio planters or hanging baskets, they're even happy in garden beds and borders too, providing a flamboyant display.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually £1.99, today just £1, yes, Just £1!

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