Begonia Picotee Lace - Pack of Three

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Nothing announces its presence in a garden with more pomp than the Picotee Begonia, producing big blousy blooms of orange, red and pink flowers, double in nature and often with petals that have coloured margins. They provide real drama to a garden bed or border but also will grow quite happily in a container or hanging basket. The leaves too provide the perfect backdrop to the flowers, being fleshy and dark green and provide a supporting role throughout the summer.

This Begonia is often grown as an annual as its tender nature will not withstand our cold winters so bring it indoors or into the glasshouse for protection until the finer weather returns. Begonias will enjoy a sunny position or partial -shade, its roots will enjoy a decent loam compost. Picotee tolerates heat and drought conditions and will keep on flowering throughout the summer, this can be encouraged by removing spent flowers.

Pack of THREE ready to grow corms.