Begonia picotee White - Perfect for Tubs and Baskets

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The visually arresting Begonia picotee White type is identified by its delicate picotee impression, which is created by the delicate white blooms that are slightly bordered with a trace of pink or green. This plant is ideal for hanging baskets, tubs, and raised pots because of its lovely cascading habit. It provides an elegant and immaculate flower display from the beginning of summer until the first frosts, making it a welcome addition to any landscape.

Begonia picotee White should be planted in well-drained soil and placed in partial shade to prevent sunburn on the delicate edges of the blooms. Maintain damp soil, but steer clear of flooding. Frequent deadheading will support more blooming. To bring attention to the pure white, combine this kind with plants that have rich green leaves, like hostas or ferns.


This Begonia is supplied as a special corm, ready to plant and grow away quickly, these are packed with energy and will bloom within weeks of planting - perfect for vivid displays in patio planters or hanging baskets, they're even happy in garden beds and borders too, providing a flamboyant display.