Begonia Samba Mixed - Perfect for Tubs and Baskets

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Begonia Samba Mixed is an eye-catching display of colour, with a variety of vividly coloured blooms dancing over rich foliage. This type is ideal for giving window boxes, hanging baskets, and tubs a vibrant pop of colour. A consistently dynamic presentation is ensured by the blossoms, which fluctuate in colour from deep red to brilliant yellows and oranges, creating a samba-like display from early summer until the October frosts.

For optimal outcomes, plant Begonia Samba into well-drained soil and placed in partial shade to protect from the strong noon light, which can fade its colour brightness. To encourage more blooming, keep the soil continuously moist and remove deadheads on a regular basis. This mixture looks great with ornamental ferns or other green foliage plants.


This Begonia is supplied as a special corm, ready to plant and grow away quickly, these are packed with energy and will bloom within weeks of planting - perfect for vivid displays in patio planters or hanging baskets, they're even happy in garden beds and borders too, providing a flamboyant display.