Betula pendula Youngii - Weeping Birch Tree - 240 to 280cms tall - Young Tree

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Betula pendula Youngii - Young's Weeping Birch Tree - is a fabulous statement tree offering all-year round interest. It is ideal for smaller gardens as an alternative to the large Silver Birch. Ideal to overhang a garden walkway or path, create backdrop to a pond perhaps or even a special hide-away. For a wow-factor, add some accent lighting at night to enhance the bare winter branches. Your Weeping Birch will become a very special addition to your outdoor living space.

If you love the idea of a weeping willow in your garden but have a smaller space, the Betula pendula 'Youngii' is the perfect tree. It will delight with its drooping branches that can sweep as low as the ground, forming an attractive display.

The tree offers dazzling mid-green diamond shaped leaves with serrated edges. The unique shape of the leaves cause them to flutter, swirl and twirl in the wind, creating a wonderful and serene natural ambience.

In spring the tree is dressed with glorious yellow-brown catkins which will fall just before the leaves turn yellow in early autumn. This magnificent ornamental tree is exceptionally beautiful in winter, with stark, leafless skeletal branches that offer white, peeling bark.

Young's Weeping Birch has a dome shaped habit and grows to a height of around 5m with a spread of 3m in a 20 year period. It is a tough tree that is fully hardy and thrives in most soil types. Plant in full sun or partial shade to get the best autumn colours.

Supplied in approx 7.5 litre containers at 240-260cms tall.

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