Houseplant Roulette - Lucky Dip Houseplant

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Breathe new life into the living room, bedroom, kitchen and home office with a selection of these cute houseplants.
Very on trend - Scandi lifestyle inspired air purifying plants
Houseplant Roulette is just that - you'll receive a completely random lucky dip houseplant selected from those pictured and more besides - all will be easy to care for varieties. If you buy multiple plants, we will of course send you a lovely mixed collection. Supplied in approx 9cm pots. Why not add a simple white cover pot to your order so you can pop your plant straight on display?
Plants will be selected from a mix of different types (such as Dragon Tree, Tradescantia Zebrina, Yucca, Syngonium , Spider Plant, Ferns, Succulents, Fittonia, Prayer Plant, Snake Plant, Parlour Palm, Rubber Plant, Croton, Leucophyta, Alocasia, Begonia, Aloe, Epipremnum, Money Plant, Hedera, Pony Tail Palm, Radermachera Sinica, and many more) and may vary from order to order but all will be beautiful.
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