Sweet Potato Beauregard Improved - Ipomea batatas - Sweet Potato

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Traditionally grown in tropical climates, here we have a very special sweet potato variety that has been developed especially for growth in the northern hemisphere and Europe - meaning us Brits can now enjoy what is a stock cupboard staple veg for many in the form of our own home grown produce. Sweet Potatoes direct from the veg plot are unrivaled in terms of taste and flavour, plus the satisfaction of growing your own crops of course!


Beauregard is relied on by thousands of farmers, who simply wouldn't plant it if it didn't grow well, so you know it is a well tried and tested variety. High yielding, it is a bushy vine-type sweet potato with attractive rose-purple coloured skin and deep orange interior plus the sweet potatoe crop it provides is a bit of a super food! Providing vitamins C and E, Beauregard Sweet Potatoes also contain iron, fiber, and potassium, on top of that, they are a good source of beta-carotene, (which gives the orange pigment to them) and this is converted into vitamin A in the body - great for eye sight and skin - so they really are a fantastic super food to grow at home.


When cooked, the dark orange flesh is dense, moist, and fine-grained, developing a tender, soft, and creamy consistency with a sweet and slightly nutty flavor. Beauregard sweet potatoes will be ready to harvest from our plants in as little as 60-90 days once planted and grown on in your garden.


Our Sweet Potato Plants are supplied well established in approx 1 litre containers.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 5.99, today just £1, yes, Just £1!

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